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Homeopathy and Microdosis as Gout Treatments

homeopathic gout products from Apotheek Davidts in Belgium

Homeopathic Gout Treatment

Homeopathic gout treatment is a long-term treatment.

Homeopathic Gout Protocols do not only treat gout symptoms (Gout Management) but also the underlying cause of Gout.

It is easily performed at home.

Always consult a doctor to determine the desired products, dilution, the dosage and the length of the Homeopathic Gout treatment.

The used products are drastically diluted and do not cause any adverse effects on your health. Homeopathy is a safe therapy.

Homeopathic Gout Products we use

  • Arnica 

  • Belladonna (also for peripheral neuropathy)

  • Rhus Toxicodendron (also suitable for other types of arthritis)

  • Benzoinum Acidum (UA reducing)

  • Berberis vulgaris

  • Colchicum (efficient after alcohol use)

  • Rhododendron (also suitable for other types of arthritis)

  • Sulfur (UA reducing)

Start your treatment and keep it simple.

Take once a day, 3 grains of :

  • Rhododendron 30K

  • Sulfur 6K

  • Arnica 30 K

  • Benzoinum 6K

The used homeopathic products at The Gout Clinic are High-Quality Products, delivered by the Homeopathic Specialist,

Apotheek Davidts, Leuven, Belgium.

Illustrative photo of homeopathic grains on a plant leaf
Ultra-sonic dissolving gout curing substances in a base solution for the preparation of Microdosis Gout treatment

Microdosis Gout Treatment

Microdosis Therapy is more recently invented by Dr. Eugenio Martinez Bravo.

Homeopathy uses substances in small quantities which causes (in larger quantities) similar conditions as the to be treated condition.

Dr. Bravo had the idea to use in diluted form, not substances that cause the condition (Homeopathy), but substances that cure the condition.

According to dr. Martinez Microdosis products work via the nervous system. For this reason, they are put on top of the tongue where the taste nerves end. In contradiction, homeopathic products are sublingual administered (under the tongue) where they can quickly diffuse into the blood.


All our microdoses products are made in our Laboratorium.

We have one standard 6.6k manufacturing protocol.

We make the following formulas:

  • Uric Acid-lowering

  • Anti-Inflammatory, Gout Preventive

  • Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Killer

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