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Gout Treatments | The Gout Clinic

Tackling the Roots of Gout & Treating Acute Gout Pain 

The different treatments we use, in order to Reverse Gout, or to treat pain.


The treatment of Gout Pain, "GP", during a Gout Attack is straight forward, this is not curing Gout, just tackling the pain.

The treatment of the root of Gout is more complex and has many facets.

Some treatments do treat more than one aspect of Gout.

Why a Person Gets Gout?

1) Only persons with Hyperuricemia, serum uric acid concentration above 7 mg/dL (420 μmol/L) can get gout.

Why persons have Hyperuricemia? Well, they;

  • Produce too much Uric Acid by De Novo Biosynthesis, which mainly occurs in the Liver, "LV", in the presence of peripheral leukocytes.

  • Not excrete enough Uric Acid, which mainly is a problem of Uric Acid re-absorption in the Kidney, "KD"

  • Normally it is a mix of these two conditions.

2) But the majority of persons with High Uric Acid levels do never get gout!

Why only a minority of persons with High Uric Acid get Gout? Because they have no balance any more between pro-inflammatory white blood cells and anti-inflammatory white blood cells, which is mainly a result of a TNF overproduction in the Spleen, "SP".

3) Gout comes with age (there are only a few exceptions in the world, but that is something different).

Because the Liver, Kidney, and Spleen alter with age, they become less adequate.

We believe that the root of these changes is endothelial dysfunction.

The progression of endothelial dysfunction is a function of age and lifestyle (lack of sport, diet, alcohol, etc) and it is also the real root of gout related conditions like Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, Lipid Disorder, Diabetes T2,  Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, other forms of arthritis.

Master Tung Style Gout Acupuncture Treatment

Overview Gout Treatments

Table showing the different gout treatments in use at the gout clinic, and why they are used, for what they are efficient.
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