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Natural Medicinal Gout Herbs

The photo shows the shop of our Medicinal Gout Herb supplier in Mexico City.

Managing Gout with Herbs

Gout Herbs may be useful for managing gout, supporting other gout treatments.

Medicinal gout herbs may help with:

  • Helping Kidney function

  • Improve the Excretion of Uric Acid

  • Helping Liver function

  • Reducing the production of UA

  • Tackling inflammation, reducing Gout Pain

  • Helping Spleen function, reducing TNF production

just like gout prescription medicine, but without the damaging side effects. (Gout Prescription Medicines do exactly the same, managing gout, not curing gout!)

Herbs may contribute to improving your overall health, and tackle gout related conditions.

Medicinal herbs have attained new prestige, thanks to the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is promoting its further development. 

Mexican Gout Herbs

Mexico is a herb paradise, it is one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries. So it is not surprising Mexico has an abundant folkloric medicine tradition based on medicinal herbs.

See our Video; Gout Treatment: Natural Gout Herbs

Today, the use of medicinal herbs in Mexico is an essential element of an efficient indigenous medical system.

Medicinal herbs are for sale in even the smallest villages.

The aim of Art. 2 of the Mexican Constitution is to protect and further develop relevant knowledge in the fields of traditional medicine, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and alternative treatments.

Medicinal Herb market in Mexico City. one of the largest herbal markets in the world. Here we buy all the gout herbs we use in the gout clinic for lowering uric acid levels
Bottles with each having 60 capsules of natural, organic, shade dried, gout herbs for lowering uric acid

Natural Gout Herbs at The Gout Clinic

At The Gout Clinic, we use the following Gout Herbs:

  • Gout Combo

  • Magic Tree leaves

  • Kidney Combo

  • Papaya seed & leaves

  • Guanabana leaves

  • Moringa leaves

  • Neem leaves

  • Noni leaves

  • Ortiga

  • Olive leaves

  • Hierba del Sapo

  • Tejocote (Mexican Hawthorn)

  • Cuachalalate

  • Palo Azul

  • Cola de Caballo

  • Cinnamon

  • Chili-Ginger- Curcuma

  • Rosemary

  • Eucalyptus

  • Clove

  • Green Coffee

  • Palo Brazil

It is important to VARY these herbs,

so the body does not get "used" to them.

For more information regarding each specific herb, look at out shop.

Tree Leaves as a Gout Treatment

We selected well know anti-inflammatory tree leaves

to formulate an anti-inflammatory gout formula to treat Gout Pain.

(works also for other Arthritis types of pains).

Each of the leaves is a recommended gout herb but taken together; they multiply the beneficial effects.

See our videos; Gout Treatment: Fresh, Tree Leaves.

The ingredients in the magic tree leave formula are:

  • Papa leaves

  • Guanabana leaves

  • Moringa Leaves

  • Olive leaves

  • Neem Leaves

  • Noni Leaves

A bottle of Magic Tree Leaves gout herbs

We bought for thousands of dollars Gout Medicinal Herbs, based on what we did read in scientific papers.

But we could not understand why we could not reproduce reported results.

Until February 2015, when the FDA made it public that nearly ALL herbs sold in the USA are a fraud. That is when we decided to start producing our own Medicinal Gout Herbs.


Be aware of what you buy, check out these publications:

"GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens accused of selling adulterated ‘herbals’."

"Herbal supplements industry lashes out at fraud claims."

"New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers."

"A.G. Schneiderman Asks Major Retailers To Halt Sales Of Certain Herbal Supplements As DNA Tests Fail To Detect Plant Materials Listed On Majority Of Products Tested"

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Different bottles of Medicinal Gout Herbs t The Gout Clinic
The Licensed Gout Clinic Laboratory for the production of Medicinal Gout Herbs.
Bottle of Gout Combo medicinal gout herbs.
Bottle of Kidney Combo medicinal gout herbs.

Looking to manage your Gout Condition?

Here you might find all you need


Natural, Pure Organic

All our Medicinal Gout Herbs Gout are:

  • Organic: No pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

  • Pure: No fillers (e.g., rice, beans, carrots), No dilution, we do not add ingredients that are not labeled.

  • Natural: They are bio-available supplements if the form we need them! (e.g., the Calcium in Noni leaf, not from Oyster Shells)

  • Low-Temperature production process: Herbs are Shade-Dried, and are extracted by Interval Ultrasonic Cell- Lysis and Extraction. As a result beneficial components are preserved.

Online Shop Medicinal Gout Herbs

Medicinal Gout Herbs FAQ

Q: Which are the best supplements in your list?

A: None is the best, or better all are the best.

Every supplement has its specific benefits.

Please research the ingredients on google.

Herbs, when used together, work synergistically and multiply their advantages.

If you want to try out our herbal products, we advise starting with our starters kit (Gout Combo, Kidney Combo, and Magic Tree Leaves with a 5% discount).

The key to success is VARIATION!

Use every day different Combinations, change Quantities of each herb every day.

This will give your body enough different material and tools to repair itself, without getting "used" to the supplements.

A good start is the "Starters Kit", including bottles of Gout Combo, Kidney Combo, and Magic Tree Leaves, it comes with a 10% discount.

Q: Can I cure my Gout Condition with your Herbs?

A: No, it is a pity, but capsules alone, without other treatments,

will not cure Gout, but may manage your Gout condition.

Gout is a complex condition.

The main cause of gout is organ degeneration. 

You can improve the condition of the Liver with capsules, but it is not possible to cure severe Chronic Kidney Disease with capsules alone.

But, you might be able (depending on your organ conditions)

to manage your Gout with capsules, and avoid getting more Gout Attacks.

Just like prescription Uric Acid lowering medicine does, they either do not cure gout!

But with the medicinal gout herbs, you will not experience the bad side effects.

Capsules are ideal to accompany other treatments and speeding up Reversing your Gout.

Q: Where are the Herbal Supplements manufactured?

A: In our Herbal Laboratorium.

Too many herbal supplements on the market do not work.

We have absolute control over the ingredients and production processes, e.g. we do not use herb drying furnaces.

We have different licenses in place:

  • Cofepris (Productos & Servicios): Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

  • Ent. Federativas: License for Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products

  • Cofepris (Insumos Para La Salud): Pharmacy (Botica, incl. Medicinal Plants)

  • Cofepris (Insumos Para La Salud): Fabrication of Pharmaceutical Products (Botica, incl. Medicinal Plants)

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