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About Us

Melia Matuz, licensed acupuncturist working at The Gout Clinic, specialized in treating gout.


Come and visit us: We speak English, Spanish,  French, German, Dutch & Flemish.

Meet our committed team.

Dr. Wilfried Van Moorleghem, founder and CEO of The Gout Clinic, specialized in treating gout.
Yoga Master Byron of The Gout Clinic, a certified expert in Ashtanga, QiGong, Meditation, and therapeutic deep tissue massage, specialized in gout treatments.
 A view of the Mexican South Pacific Ocean, seen from The Gout Clinic in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Macmed SA de CV

The Gout Clinic

Nat. Reg. Nr. RFC:  MAC050221683

Macmed SA de CV was founded in February 2005 and is active in research and treatment of gout and gout related conditions.


Since 2009, research concentrated on possible gout cures, which has resulted in today's available treatment protocols. 

From 2015 on, The Gout Clinic, an operational division of Macmed, did start treating gout patients.


Our Mission: Reverse Gout as efficiently as possible, resulting in a gout-free, pain-free life without medication.


We want the healing to be a relaxed, pleasant experience.

Patients stay inSea Front Suites in a luxury oceanside residence,

located on the cliffs overlooking the South Pacific in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Our Blood Analysis is done both in-house and by a local certified laboratory.

Our Licensed Pharmaceutical Laboratory of The Gout Clinic, making medicinal gout herbs.

Permits, Licences and Registrations

Macmed SA de CV  has following Licenses, Permits and Registrations in place:


  • Nat. Reg. Nr. RFC.: MAC050221683

  • Ent. Federativas: License for Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products

  • Cofepris (Servicios De Salud): Clinic & Medical Consultorio, private sector

  • Cofepris (Servicios De Salud): Consultorio Acupuntura, private sector

  • Cofepris (Servicios De Salud): Consultorio Naturopatía, private sector

  • Cofepris (Insumos Para La Salud): Pharmacy (Botica, incl. Medicinal Plants)

  • Cofepris (Insumos Para La Salud): Fabrication of Pharmaceutical Products (Botica, incl. Medicinal Plants)

  • Cofepris (Productos & Servicios): Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

  • Municipal: Business license

Playa marinero, puerto escondido's main beach.
The Gout Clinic on the cliffs in Puerto Escondido, overlooking the Mexican South Pacific Ocean.

Location |Puerto Escondido | Mexico

Puerto Escondido is a relaxed fishing village on the scenic Mexican South Pacific Coast, in the State of Oaxaca.

The relaxed surrounding is important to de-stress, to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Puerto Escondido, also known as "The Mexican Pipeline" is a world-famous surfing destination.


Puerto Escondido has a remarkable microclimate resulting in year-round ideal swimming conditions.

Swimming and water exercises are crucial in the healing process.

This ideal climate encourages patients to go into the water and stay there.

Sun availability results in plenty of Vitamin D generation leading to an improved vascular system (lower blood pressure), faster regeneration of liver and kidney functions, and better blood circulation in affected joints.

Another bonus is the availability of high-quality organic food such as vegetables, tropical fruits, roots, and seeds, and medicinal herbs.

The residence used by The Gout Clinic is located on the cliffs overlooking the South Pacific.  The orientation of the clinic allows the fresh sea breeze to cool down the Clinic during hot days.

The sea breeze brings fresh non-polluted air, the closest land is more than 8000 km away.

Flying to Puerto Escondido

Puerto has its own, beautiful airport, code PMX.

It is served daily from Mexico City International airport by Aeromar, and the low-cost companies Vivaaerobus and InterJet.

Aeromar flies ATR-42 and ATR-70 turboprop planes; it is a very scenic flight over the Sierra Madre.

Viva Aerobus fly Boeing 737 planes, InterJet has Airbus A320 and the new Sukhoi SuperJet 100 planes.

You can also use the Oaxacan based Aerotucan, flying every morning Cessna Caravans to and from Puerto. Oaxaca city has a larger international airport for further connections and is the most beautiful colonial city of Mexico, close to the famous Monte Albán Zapotec archaeological site.


Another option is flying to Huatulco, HUX, this is about 100 km east, and has international flights coming in, e.g., United Airlines from Houston.

An Aerotucan Cessna Caravan parked in front of the Puerto Escondido airport building.
View of the tarmac of the Puerto Escondido Airport.
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