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Laser Gout Treatment

Photo demonstrating a Super pulsed cold laser, with infrared and near-infrared beams, treating gout.

Cold Laser Gout Therapy

Cold Laser therapy is a treatment modality that uses red laser light and (near) infra-red laser light to improve healing rates.


It was first developed in 1967 but has only more recently been used extensively in injury and pain management clinics.

Laser therapy is cleared by the FDA for pain and stiffness treatment associated with arthritis, inflammation treatment, and increasing circulation.

Explanations of the analgesic effects of laser stimulation are well documented.


Our high power gout lasers (Class IIIB technology) penetrate deeply into tissue treating the cells of tendons, ligaments, and joints.

There are no known harmful side effects, even during long-term usage.

The therapy is completely safe, painless, does not emit heat, is non-invasive and has no known contraindications. 

Most patients report a pleasant feeling while receiving laser therapy.

Treatments (per location) do take an average of fifteen minutes.

Patients with high levels of acute pain experience relief after a few treatments.

The effects of laser therapy are cumulative.


At The Gout Clinic, we use lasers with a focus system for treatment during a gout attack, so we can treat from a distance and no direct painful contact is needed.

High-power Super Pulsed Gout Lasers


High power is needed (Class IIIB technology) to obtain deep penetration, in order to be able to treat the cells of tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Super Pulsed is needed to avoid heating up tissue.

So, the advantages of high power super pulsed gout lasers are:

  • improved tissue penetration

  • improved therapeutic effect

  • higher safety (high photonics density without heating of tissue).

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