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Exercises | Diet | Bleeding

"Participation in regular physical activity and reduced sedentary time is highly recommended in order to reduce the prevalence of hyperuricemia".

Conclusion Paper Park

Cavemen had an active life, losing a lot of blood, and did not eat sugar. Gout patients should live more like cavemen.

We Live Wrong

We are meant to be Cavemen

Cavemen did not have Gout

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise,

not too little and not too much,

we would have found the safest way to health."


The problem is that we are not cavemen anymore.

The organs and metabolism of cavemen (and ours) are "designed" for a lot of "action", to supply lots of energy to the body.

Cavemen had to hunt, run, and fight to survive.

They had a very tough life.

Their organs and metabolism were optimal for:

  • Exercising a lot

  • Losing blood

  • Poor nutrition intake

Thanks to the cavemen, our metabolism and organs today are"over-designed". 

  • We don't burn lots of energy, and we don't need to store much energy anymore.

  • We have a daily high-calorie intake

  • Our organs have to compensate for blood losses no more.

A natural enemy of the cavemen, the Smilodon
Wet Cupping Bleeding is treating gout in the shoulder.
I am bleeding the ankle with a hypodermic needle, treating an acute gout attack in the ankle.

What Can We Learn From The Caveman

Exercise For Restoring Health


It is difficult today to live like a Cavemen, go fighting with bears and smilodons, kill neighbors and steal their women.

The solution is having an Active Life, Exercise, do lots of Sports, burn calories.

Diet For Restoring Health


Often modern humans, can not exercise every day for sufficient time, and the excess calories can not be burned. Resulting in possible Gout and its related conditions; Hypertension, Diabetes, Endothelial dysfunction, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and Gout.

The solution is having less Carbohydrate intake, a well balanced low carbohydrate diet.

Bleeding For Restoring Health


Women before their menopause do rarely get gout, after menopause they get gout in the same ratio as men.

Our Liver and Spleen are "designed", to compensate for regular blood losses.

Modern Men, or Women after menopause, do not have regular blood losses anymore.

The solution is medicinal bleeding, and extract stagnant, black blood.


In the ancient world and medieval Europe, bloodletting became the standard treatment for various conditions, but especially for Gout!

I asked Prof. dr. Rojas during a Traditional Mexican Medicine course why Women normally were not allowed to have 

traditional Temazcal Treatments. 

(In ancient Mesoamerica, Temazcal treatments were used as part of a curative ceremony to purify the body, healing the sick, improving health, recuperation condition after a battle.)

His answer: "They don't need it, they menstruate."

Man having an active life and jumping into a lake.
Photo showing a man swimming as a therapy to stimulate circulation in the body.

Move your Body

but with Caution!


You need to take extra precautions when exercises while gout flares up.

Exercising is good for overall health and also for preventing gout attacks, but a gout patient needs to put restrictions on joint movements and especially joint loads.

Swimming, as well as water aerobics,  is good for Gout patients, it increases the mobility of joints without putting the full impact of gravity on them.

During swimming for gout relief, how fast you swim or how much distance do you cover doesn’t matter.

You don't need to power swim.

The Important thing is how much time you spend in the water, moving.

At the beginning of a full program, we start with only a few minutes (depending on the individual), and then gradually increase your time up to an hour per day at the end of the Program.

Exercises Causes 

Lymphatic System Activation


The Lymphatic system does not have a pump like the cardiovascular system (the heart.)

The key is to understand that the lymph only moves through cyclic muscle activation, and not on its own.

So you have to shake it if you want to stay healthy! 

Advantages of exercising due to Lymphatic System Activation

  • Stimulate lymph flow

  • Draining wastes and Uric Acid

  • Helping to avoid gout flare-ups


When a gout flare-up subsides, you can begin to increase exercising to regaining strength gradually.

Because the physical load on joints can provoke a gout attack, we recommend swimming as preferential exercise.

Even slow swimming activates the lymphatic system and does not create local physical loads on joints.

Even with a gout attack, you can swim slowly.

While taken utmost precaution, because you certainly do not want to make the pain of your joints get worsened by the movements during swimming.


Sport (moving), activating lymphatic flow, is an basic Uric Acid evacuation treatment.

The lymphatic system in the body with its lymph nodes.
Gif animation showing typical exercises that activate lymph circulation in the legs. These exercises are used as a therapy for lowering uric acid.
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