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Manual Gout Therapy

Gout Patient with serious edema on his left leg and foot
Hortensia performing lymphatic drainage on a gout patient

Massage Gout Treatment

Massage is the systematic manual manipulation of soft tissues;

  • muscle

  • connective tissue

  • tophi

  • tendons

  • ligaments

using specific techniques;

  • tapping

  • kneading

  • stroking

  • friction

to relax these parts to enhance health and well-being.


Specific goals for massage gout treatment include:

  • pain relief

  • evacuate Uric Acid

  • improve circulation (blood & lymph)

  • improve nervous system

Lymphatic Drainage

as a Gout Treatment

A good working lymphatic system controls Acidosis and Gout!

On the Excercise page, we did speak about the lymphatic system, and the importance for gout patients, to have a good working lymphatic system.

When the lymphatic system doesn’t work efficiently, edema or tight swollen tissue appears, ankles and legs become tight and puffy, reducing local circulation, and reducing Uric Acid Evacuation


Lymphatic Drainage, is a specific light massage technique, stimulating lymphatic flow in the case of local tightness.

By intervening, we help the fluids and waste to drain properly (evacuating again  Uric Acid).

We also treat compromised lymphatic nodes, so they become efficient again.

Whatever program you choose at The Gout Clinic, lymphatic drainage is applied on a Daily Basis.

We also incorporate vibrators, ultrasound, motor point activation, TENS and laser therapy to help to improve your lymphatic system

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