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Bee Sting Gout Therapy

Bee Sting  

as an Advanced Acupuncture Gout Treatment

After having studied the therapeutic benefits of bee sting therapy, and knowing the advantages of acupuncture as a gout treatment, it was "logic" to combine the two as an advanced acupuncture gout treatment.

The Bee venom act as an extra stimulation of the acupuncture points, lasting for days.

During the development of the therapy, we collaborated with a local "Shaman," specialized in bee sting therapy.

Before applying Bee Sting therapy, we examine the patient for not having bee venom allergy. During treatment we only apply a few, bee stings at particular locations.

The stinger is removed after a few minutes.

The sting may be painful for a few minutes. If itching persists, ice and a lidocaine cream can be applied to the affected area.


Bee stings create a reaction in the body. They activate a defense mechanism, attacking the bee venom. A local swelling, inflammation, can be observed for a few days after the bee stings.

The exact internal healing mechanisms of bee sting therapy is not known. For gout patients, the therapy seems to have two advantages:

  • When given on active gout acupuncture points, the bee venom creates a superactivation of the acupuncture points. The results are even better than the ones obtained by electro-acupuncture.

  • The activated defense mechanism is also taking care of other local problems, such as uric acid crystals, reduced local blood flow, etc.

Bee Sting therapy was one of Hippocrates' favorites.

He described it as Arcanum, a mysterious substance whose curative properties he did not quite understand. 

More recently, in the late nineteenth century, Phillip Terc published the benefits of bee sting therapy as a treatment for:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • and other painful conditions

Today,  large-scale medical effectiveness studies have been initiated.

We have observed is good effects for more than ten years.

We greatly appreciate this possible Gout Treatment nature is giving us, and we take very well care of the bees. Feeding them year-round high-quality food.

During a Gout Program, we give, if wanted, a demonstration for educational purposes. These bee sting treatments are not a therapeutic part of our Gout Programs. A successful Gout Bee Sting Therapy lasts for several months, with weekly bee stings, it makes no sense to include it in a short 35-day program.

Photo of a Bee
Applying bee sting on the liver acupuncture points on the foot of a gout patient
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