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Gout Supplements

Arm & Hammer pure baking soda as a gout cure, baking soda lowers high uric acid serum levels

Bicarbonate Gout Treatment

Salts like Baking Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, are often proposed,  as the miracle Gout powder, "The Magic Gout Cure", to Alkalise your body.

But, be careful. Taking bicarbonate for a prolonged time is dangerous.

The first symptom is pale skin, and it can even lead you to death.

Every cell in the body needs the correct Na/K equilibrium to function well.

(Na = Natrium or Sodium, K = Kalium or Potassium).

And regular Sodium Bicarbonate intake disturbs this equilibrium, and cells might be stopping functioning well, or even die.

Gout, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, etc, are typical "Modern Lifestyle" conditions.

A Modern Lifestyle results typically in a disturbed Na/K ratio AND in K (Potassium) deficiencies.

Taking Sodium Bicarbonate, MAKES YOU MORE SICK, by further disturbing the Na/K ratio.

Many doctors, even the WHO (World Health Organization) proposed taking less Sodium, kitchen salt, to fix the faulty Na/K ratio, for obtaining a healthy life, lowering blood pressure, etc.

But we need salts, Na and K, in our body, and we need lots of it, every cell in our body needs it to function well. 

Also, Gout Patients need lots of salts, minerals, to increase urine pH!

The right solution is not lowering Na intake, but to keep it high,

but increase drastically your K (potassium) intake!

This can be accomplished by eating or drinking after juicing, plenty of K (Potassium) rich vegetables, like e.g.  Cucumber, Swiss Chard, Beet greens, and Celery.

At The Gout Clinic, in case of very low urine pH, a well-proportioned mineral mix is used, containing Natrium, Kalium, Magnesium, Boron, Vit C, and Vit E, to raise urine pH in a healthy way.

A bottle of Folic Acid tablets

Vitamine B-9 Gout Supplement

Vitamine B-9, or Folic Acid as a Uric Acid, lowering treatment.

Pterin aldehyde, a breakdown product of Folic Acid,

is found in small quantities in commercial Folic Acid

and is an efficient inactivator of xanthine oxidase.

It is even 10 times stronger than Uric Acid lowering prescription medicines. See Literature.

This is a crucial Vitamine for Gout Patients, take it every day.

Dosis: folic acid is a water-soluble B vitamin, our body can not store it.

Take 3 * 400 ug /day, (morning, afternoon, night)!

1 mg, milligram = 1 000 ug (mcg), microgram

And, remember to drink lots of water.

Folic Acid

Vit B Complex Gout Supplement

Literature shows that:

  • Vit B is negatively correlated with high Uric Acid

  • Gout Patients have normally a Vit B deficiency

When choosing a Vit B complex, make sure it contains;

Vitamine B-6, B-9 & B-12.

If the complex does not have enough Folic Acid, then take extra Folic Acid. Go for 1000 - 1200 ug/day Vit B-9.

Avoid a Vit-B complex with higher amounts of Vit B-3.

A bottle of Krill Capsules
A fresh catched Krill

Krill Oil Gout Supplement

Krill Oil is a good oil;

  • Rich in Omega 3

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

It balances your lipid profile, helping endothelial function.

It also may help to treat Gout Related Conditions, like neuropathy, by supplying building stones needed for repairing nerves.

Do not use Fish Oils, only Krill Oil.

Two tablets per day.

Gout supplement made from Lithium orotate.
Gout supplement made from Calcium orotate combined with Magnesium orotate.

Orotate Gout Supplement

When you drink daily your skimmed milk or Low-Fat Gout Yogurt, you do not need to take this supplement, you will have plenty of orotic acid intake.

If you can not consume daily dairy products, take this supplement.

Orotic Acid, sometimes called Vit B-13, is, first of all, a strong competitor to Uric Acid for being URAT1 re-absorbed by the kidney, and as a result, increases Uric Acid excretion.

Secondly, it slows down de novo biosynthesis of Uric Acid.

Providing a temporary "repair" of what is going wrong in gout patients.


Orotic Acid is a good mineral transporter, taking care of good mineral distribution in the whole body.

If you want to take any mineral supplement for adding Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), or Lithium (Li) take it in the Orotate form.

CaOr (3g/day) is reported to improve Liver function and is able to compensate for the side effects of cortisone therapy.

CaOr (3g/day)+ LiOr (150 mg) is reported to have a striking curative effect on all Chronic Inflammatory processes, and speed up the healing time of liver conditions (from 18 months down to 3 months).

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