Papaya Combo is a proprietary blend containing papaya leaf and papaya seeds. Papaya is a tropical plant known for controlling gout. It contains the enzyme Papain. It is used in traditional medicine as:

- Gout cure

- Anti-inflammatory

- Antiviral

- Liver cure

- Kidney cure

Papaya Combo

  • Papaya leaves and seeds contain beta-carotene, calcium, carpaine, fats, flavonols, niacin, tannins, and vitamin C (in higher concentration in the leaf than in the fruit). Our Papaya Combo contains also the leaf stems which are rich in the enzyme Papain. Papain remains in leaf preparations that have been dried at low temperatures, but it may be destroyed in products that are dried in rotative furnaces (majority of the products on the market). Our leaves have been shade-dried at windy places. Another problem is the pesticides used in papaya fields. Papaya is an over spayed crop. Our leaves come from an organic orchard.

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