Nature has provided in Noni leaves the perfect balance of beneficial amino acids, enzymes, and peptides to produce the perfect product for anyone looking for that certain something that will make a difference for their body. Noni contains a very high concentration of a substance called proxeronine. When taken into the body this is converted into the fundamental xeronine. Noni leaves are a unique product for gout patients. We know of one case, where the person claims gout was cured by (lots of) Noni alone.

Note: This product is made from Noni Leaves, not from Noni Fruits!

Noni leaves

  • The remarkable properties of the Noni leaf are probably more valuable than the well know fruit juice.
    Containing health-promoting nutrients and phytochemicals, including antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Noni leaf is also rich in a number of vitamins, minerals, B-sitosterol, ursolic acid, plant sterols, protein, glycosides, and anthraquinones. The leaves help supporting Nitric Oxide levels. From gout, metabolic syndrome and diabetes to hypertension, stroke and male impotence, there is probably no pathological condition where nitric oxide does not play an important role.
    Noni = Morinda citrifoli

    Net Content: 60 capsules size 0#
    Pure, Natural, Organic!
    NO pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.
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